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Re: What are you using for car wax?

Posted by Steven R. Rochlin on May 13, 2005 at 09:45:39:

Groits is good, though prefer various Zymol products. Great shine, lasts for a good while (unlike Techwax or the like), and is a cleaner AND wax WITHOUT being overly abrasive. Sometimes i will follow that with a coat of Zymol Ital wax or some other very high content carnibua wax.

The car boards i regularly visit seen to have tried... everything. The car wax debates make the audio ABX guys seem calm(!). The ?P27? product is also highly enjoyed BUT you may have to debate the amount of shine versus the durability. In the end i choose Zymol Cleaner/Wax.

FYI: Groits seems to repackage OTHER products i have been told. ALSO, if your car is semi-neglected or is in need, after you wash the car i can highly recommend using clay bar cleaner. This is especially true for the front section of the car that receives dirt/debris more than other parts of the car.

i'd post pics here, yet my server does not allow other websites to insert photos. Basically, the shine is soooo deep, sharp and clear, and color correct it is mind-boggling... but a good was/clay bar. cleanerwax/then Ital wax HAD BETTER do that for the $$(!).

The whole process takes time and effort and is not a simple spray on, wipe off. Guess it depends on the effort you desire for a full cleaning and polish.

Enjoy the Drive,

Steven R. Rochlin