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Re: 7.5 gamefisher fuel pump flooding carb?

I hope I can help. First remove you float bowl and just let the float dangle. Now before you do anything notice the area at the float hinge where it attaches to the carb body. There will be a small pin holding the float to the body. gently lift the float,and notice the pin under the float hinge. It should move freely up and down when the float is lifted and released. this shiny pin is what stops the fuel flow when the float is raised. If it is not moving it is stuck and will have to be cleaned. This procedure is as follows: Remove the carb from the motor take it to a workbench or table spread out a shop towel(to catch parts) gently hold the float assembly and push out the pin that holds the float to the body. now a small chrome pin and a spring should fall out when the float is removed. Gently scrape and sand this pin if necessary to remove the crud.Soak the carb in cleaner for about an hour or more.(overnite is best)With a small stiff wire clean the hole that the pin goes in. reassemble and check for free movement. The float should dangle slightly below level (abt 1/8 inch or so)hook up a fuel line and check to see that it stops the flow when raised. Repeat above till it works right. Or you could take your serial number and model number to a Mercury Force dealer and 100.00 and buy a new carb. Please print and read this carefully. Follow it exactly. Goodluck and smooth sailing. TG.

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