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Water Pump

Well, I Just took my motor apart and changed the water pump. The Impellor was in perfect shape and flexable, the only problem is the Pin somehow worked its way free and wasnt turnnig the Old impellor.. Anyway, I installed the new one , put it all back together and fired it up expecting to see my motor taking a piss out the hole.. To my surprize, there was barely more water comming out the hole then there was before the Job.. I mesured it, I get about 2/3 a cup of water a minute out of it. ( at fast idle ) and it is Ice cold, even after 10 minutes in the bucket running. The water is also not comming out in a stream, it is comming out like a spray nozzle would, in a mist. One of 3 things is hapening here..

A: the pin came out of the impelor during instalation. ( possible but doutfull)
B: This Is Normal ( also doutful )
C: The waterjacket ( I guess ) is cloged with salt crystals. ( my bet )

Now the Question is,,A B or C.

Will exposure to fresh water desolve the salt crystals over time?

I really dont want to crack that mother again, what a pain in the but it was getting it all back together by myself,, I really could have used more hands, but I only had the Dog to watch me.

So anyway,, What do you all think?

another question, about how much water should come out of the TattleTale hole in a minute?

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