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Re: Carb Problems ( Tailgunner??? )

the screen is brand new, , I do have all the screws.It just had a carb kit installed but It oviously wasnt done right. However the gasket may now be damaged, Looks like fuel presure has stretched it or somehting becuse it does not look right to me.. I messed with it some more today.
Fuel spews out of this opening on the side with a good amount of volume wile turning over the motor. SO, I removed the fuel line, and turned it over some more, after a few seconds,, it stoped spewing gas then started and ran for about 25 seconds, wile it ran, it slowely climed to a fairly high RPM and then stalled, oviouse out of fuel. I am not sure what this means other then the fuel pump is fine.

the screen filter is definitly not plugged, and even if it was, folowing the channles to the parts, I dont see how it would affect anything one way or the other. It looks like fuel comes up, down a channle, into teh filter, and out the hole, the filter dosent seam to feed in any other direction but out. You say that is a vent hole. Ok, I can buy that. WIll one of those set screw you mention being misadjusted cause fuel to back up and out that hole? I am completely confused as to how fuel moves through this top part of the carb. But I am convinced the motor does run, SOunded very smooth when running on what I asume is gas in the float bowl.

Thanks for your time TailGunner, Any and all help is apreciated. Any new thoughts are welcome from you or anyone else. I am not a engien mechanic in any way shape or form, so to me this is kinda out of my league stuff. But I am willing to mess with it some till I am convinced it "Has" to go to the shop.

I find it hard to believe my father botched the carb rebuild in the first place, However, I am mostly convinced it is something stupid that wasnt done right. Unfortunely, I dont know right from wrong either hehehe

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