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Re: small boat stabilizeing

getting the boat to stay pointed where you want it to be wile not under power is almost a imposibility on such a small craft without a anchor, and even then you might not get the angle you want. Perhaps a troling motor with a foot control might help on the too busy stearing to fish problem..
A drag anchor might help you some,, Not a formal anchor, something like a 1 gal bleech bottle full of sand draged under you wile trying to maintain your angle to the shore. the wind is really the factor here, its eather for or against you,, and it always seems to be against you.

there is also something called a sea anchore, it is underwater but not touching bottom, curent will grab it and apply force to your boat. By attaching the anchor to different parts of the boat, you can force it to sit at different angles, Some people actualy use them for momentum wile fishing, but I am not sure how well it would work on a lake or pond when not under power. and this is a use that the sea anchor is not entirely designed for. if the wind was blowing you, the anchor would definitly allow you to control attitude, but I really dont think that that is a good idea for you needs,, But it is something to concider.

Personaly,, when I am fishing up against a shore, more often then not I will run my trolling motor at it lowest setting and just let it go slowely up the bank and around the lake. but then again, I do have the foot control with mine. It takes a little concentration to control, but does allow me both hands to fish at all times.

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