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Seahawk 500 manuverability and handling Q's

I have been looking for an inflatable boat, and found the seahawk 500 and your reply to a post on the small boat forum. I wonder how the boat is in a river with some stream, or perhaps on the ocean with a little wawes. The thing is I was thinking of mounting an engine approx. 4 - 9.9 hp, and use it in a river that has quite a good strem. After looking at all the availiable pictures on alot of different sites, I concluded none of them where showing the boat from underneath. So I wondered if perhaps you had a picture from the undercarriage of your boat? I'm curius if the boat has any keel at all, but none of the sales reps. or ads tell anything about this. This would be kinda important if I'm gonna use this boat on the river in question. Also with so much hp, it needs to be kinda stable.

What is your experience on the stability with the boat? Have you tried it at full speed over waves? Or any kind of max speed driving? How is it to steer at full trottle?

Any kind of reply would be greatly appreciated.

Kjetil Haugstad

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Topic - Seahawk 500 manuverability and handling Q's - tilstad 14:36:58 03/18/03 (5)

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