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Gamefisher 5.0 Tech Questions

I know! They ain't worth ownin'! Now that that is over, mine was given to me. One of the newer models (black cowling with red, white and grey trim colors). Had never been run and I got it running, cleaned the carb and took it out fishin'. Ran about a half mile, shut down and fished. It seemed very cold natured after a couple of short runs I began to go back to the launch. About half way back, began loosing rpms, first thought it was a feul problem but it never started to sputter so I got leary and shut down. Obviously overheating (smoke). I am hoping it is just the waterpump since it turns over freely after cooling. No obvious scars in the bore and I have 90 psi compression. Where's the cooling tell tale, or is there one? What is normal compression? Where's the water pump. I've never had a small hp mtr down and things aren't in the places I am used to them being on a large mtr. Any links to manuals or tech drawings?

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