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Re: Tohatsu / Nissan motors...& a bit more...

Hi Toby,

I have a bit of experience with a Tohatsu tiller 25hp OB purchased in '92. It powers my 15' Gilbert Vic Pacific City dory (260lb.) as shown in the "Fifth Rendezvous" story on the SBF Small Boat Adventure page... In the late eighty's, when the boat was built, we put a Mercury 15hp on her and it went OK---But, when 2 people and all their beach camping and fish gear were added, the boat could only barely plane. By replacing the 15 hp with the Tohatsu 25hp it dosen't matter how much we load the dory, dial the throttle, and she gets up and planes easily, even too fast for comfort at times ( by my self, & no load, the Tohatsu pushes the skiff around 40mph).

This Tohatsu is the long shaft manual version and weighs in about 89lbs. She gets excellent 'milage' with the 6 gal tank, often going 80 plus miles (!) depending on speed. The engine is very robust, never fails to start on 2 pulls even after months of somnolence. After 8+ years there are no hose leaks, no loose fittings, throttle linkage seems in good order, the pull cord is wearing though...

Complaints...? Well, idle can be rough, nothing like a 2 cycle 'big' bore 2 cylinder OB, and, she is noiser than would be my choice. My brother has a 3 cylinder Yamaha 30hp OB on his 14' aluminum skiff--much quieter engine-- but not as powerful, I can get out of the 'hole' faster and top his max. speed...

One thing I use in all my engines is an additive called PSP Fuel Conditioner. OK, now I know what your thinking: "mechanic in a can"... Well, this stuff seems to work giving a smoother idle (plugs stay clean), better milage, sure fast starts (even after winter layover) a bit more power, and, lowers 2 cycle pollution as it protracts the burn cycle... Around here, Seattle area, you can get it by the gallon at Fisheries Supply Co. 800-426-6930. They ship world wide (the code is: PSP MC100SPG. A product of: Petroleum Specialty Products Inc. 5171 Morena Place San Diego CA 92110. Disclaimer: I have NO affiliation w/ either co. just recomending a good product...) If you have it shipped it may be subject to a HAZMAT fee...

So Toby, from your past posts on this forum you mentioned that you have a Hell's Bay Whipray, 16 footer, 360lbs. What engine do you have now? Tohatsu has a new 50hp OB that uses the low pressure Orbital Injection System (developed and patended in Australia) that passes the pollution requirements for 2 cycle outboards '06 and beyond. So 2 cycle engines ain't dead...yet!

Well, hope this helps, let us know if you make an engine change.

Thom V

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