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5HP Gamefisher quits after 5-10 min....

Hello, hoping someone can shed light on my problem: my 5 hp gamefisher stalls after running about 5 to 10 min or so. Not sure what year it is, but the model no is 217-585510, serial 28-202613, and says tecuseh on the flywheel. It was given to me and didn't run; no spark. Replaced the points and condensor and eventually it fired. I also bought a carb kit and went through that as well. After sitting up for a month, it takes serveral pulls (7 or 8) to get it to fire. Once started, it seems to run OK for a bit, then it starts to act like it it starving for fuel (its not, I know-fuel puddles at the mouth of the carb, plenty of fuel in the attached tank). Also pretty sure its not overheating; the powerhead is aircooled and the exhaust is watercooled, have replaced the impeller....
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Topic - 5HP Gamefisher quits after 5-10 min.... - pdenning 07:40:31 11/30/02 (1)

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