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Evinrude 48SPL won't idle and surges at half speed

I have a 28' pontoon with an 88 evinrude 48 h.p. on it , at the beginning of the summer it ran fine, only stalling sometimes when I was going from forward to reverse, as the summer went on it started surging at half throttle, getting harder to start(warm or cold), and would not idle at all . I rebuilt the carbs, the fuel pump ,and put new plugs and fuel filter in it, and it runs just as bad. Is it possible the reeds are bad in it? How do you tell when your reeds are bad? There is no adjustment on the carbs, but if you stick your hand over them, the engine picks up, and smoothes out then smokes, and dies. The way it's running now I will be lucky to get it back on the trailer this winter. Please help.

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Topic - Evinrude 48SPL won't idle and surges at half speed - bkharley 11:34:54 09/09/02 (2)

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