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Another Cautionary Tale...

Dexey, thanks for the contribution to the SBF message board. Now that Spring Small Boating is upon us we thank you for the reminder to be ever diligent on the matter of safety on the water…

Years ago when my daughter was about 5 we were on an excursion in the Marisol Sail Boat (a picture of which is on the upper left hand side of the SBF opening page) and stopped at a sandy beach to frolic in the sun and water. Daughter took off her little PFD and was enjoying the warm water about up to her knees. She went to the boat and got one of those square 2” thick floating cushions with the straps at either end and was using it as a ‘kick board’ swimming the prone position kicking with her feet while she held onto the cushion with her hands -- arms outstretched. Next thing she decided to put her feet through both straps and, again in the prone face down position, swim using only her arms and hands… At this point the floating cushion had leveraged her feet too high and it was all she could do to keep her head above water flailing her arms and hands. In fact she was loosing the battle and was taking on water all in a matter of seconds! We rushed to the rescue, in about ankle deep water. Daughter was frightened but OK.

As the wife exclaimed "Accidents on the water can happen fast – sometimes with no warning – due safety diligence is a must!" Be prepared, be a TO (Trained Observer trusting your observations) and yes, you can still have fun!

Thom V

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