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Ran my Outboards today

A friend came by today and made my break my motercycle out of storage to go for a ride, It wasnt bad out today, We drove by a few of my favorite launch places, Unfortunately they are still Iced over, but it wont be Long. When I got home, I Unpacked the boat from the garage and parked it promenently in its Spot in the side yard. I Unapacked my 6.5, Hooked it up to the gas and it fired on the third pull. After running it for about 10 minutes I tossed the New 15 into the bucket, hooked up the gas and batterie, crossed my fingers and hit the electric start. To my amazement, It fired imediatly. Ran a little rough but was definitly running not sputtering. Then it stalled and would not restart. I noticed fuel leaking around the carb, on further inspection and partial dismantalment, I notice there is a gasket that dosent seam to cutom fit the way It should. My carberater asembly unfortunatly dosent look like the one in the book :( It aslo appeared that the throttle wasnt opening up fully due to some form of restriction in the throtle linkage.. Looks liek getting the 15 powering the boat might take a little doing.. Im thinking maybe I should just toss it in the shop.

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