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Re: a hypitheticaly stupid question

Ken, the easy answer is you need 1 horsepower for every 27.5 pounds of weight. 200 pounds would need 7.27 horsepower to launch and plane. add the weight of the boat motor and another person and this is where the extra hp. comes in, example boat=400lb. skier =200lb. motor =155lb. driver=200lb. You now have to move 955lb. from dead stop to plane on calm water. Theoretically you need 34.72hp minumum.Top speed is not a revelant issue here. There are simply too many variables to be discussed here to even determine what top speed would be. A skier will stay on plane at as little as 2.5 mph. this is the same as a brisk walking pace. Inertia and other factors help maintain the conditions needed for planing.,TG.

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