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Re: a hypitheticaly stupid question

here is a wild guess I am making without checking anything, just trying to remember from school days..
f = m * a

w = f * d

p = w / t

v = d/t
d= vt
w = fvt
p = fvt /t
p = fv

1 newton = .224 pounds
1 mile per hour = 0.447 meters per second
as you are in the water and the boat begins to pull you, lets say you feel like it is 100 lbs on the ski handle..if so then from above 446 newtons
you start a 0 mph and lets say you plane at 10 mph so your ave speed is 5 mph (or should we use the maximum speed? these are all gueses) or 11.2 meters per second
p = 446 newtons * 11.2 m/s

p = 5000 nm/s a newton meter is a joule, 1000 joules is a kj, a joule per second is a watt

p = 5 kj/s = 5000 watts

there are .746 hp in 1000 watts

5000 watts (.746 hp / 1000 watts) = 3.73 hp doesnt include hp loses from motor to water to skier

If all the stuff above was correct then maybe your answer is between 2 and 5 horsepower for power required to lift person on plane only, if the boats weight and motor are zero.

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