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Jim Thayer's 'thumbnail' Report on Starvation (boat) Meet...

" The Starvation Meet, held at Flaming Gorge this year had a little of everything... Little drizzle Fri. night (June 1st.) when everybody but one got there. Great wind 15-18 (mph) on Saturday with everybody on the water. Nice party Sat. night.

Sunday the Salt Lake Gang left early and missed a breeze in the 20s. About 5pm there was a radical windshift and the temperature dropped to about 30 degrees. It was snowing by suppertime(!). Luckliy the CO mob had a large umbrella to shelter the marshmellows.

Dewitt Smith had his Victory 21 keelboat with Garett Gilmore as crew. There was a problem with Garett's pulling boat. The story will be told as the trauma wears off... Dwight and Joan Nicholson brought their Expedition 18, a lovely boat. Mike Belamis had his little canoe. The Thayers, Palmers and Millers from CO had my Nina and --HORRORS-- a bass boat. I must admit the bass boat got us some nice fish for breakfast.

Antelope is a very nice campground but is a way to the water. I expect that we will be back at Starvation next year...

And that's the season opener for the Intermountian Sailing, Rowing. and Messing About whatever Unorganized sort of boat group. Some members have been suggesting that we are a d***king club with a sailing problem... Don't let that put you off! "

Jim T

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