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I would think that it'll take quiet a bit of horse power to run the alernator. You may need a 2 hp. briggs. Sometimes a use one can be found a lawn edger. Let me know if you get anywhere with this thing. Another way to work it is to find an electric motor which has brushes. I recommend a constant running bearing type rated at several amps. I am thinking Skill Saw. Some of those can be connected to a gas power source and will generate electricity if you turn the shaft fast enough. The DC electricity should come from where the motor would normally be hooked to a battery or plugged into the wall outlet. For a battery charger you do not need the volts to be exact. I would think that if you could produce 15 or more volts at a few amps it may work. I suggest that you check the voltage using a DC meter to be sure of your voltage coming out of the unit is correct and of the correct polairty. If positive is where Ground is supposed to be that is fine as long as you make a note of it and use it ground to ground and positive to positive. The only way to change that is to change the direction your drive motor is turning the electric motor which you are using as a generator. Rember it may read high voltage out until you connect it to the battery. But once loaded the voltage may dropp a bunch. If you are getting 25 volts DC unconnected just connect it to the battery and use a volt meter to see if the voltage dropps.If it goes below 13 volts it may not charge at all. Check the voltage across the battery without the charger connected then connect it and compare the voltage If the voltage across the battery increases a couple of volts when the charges is connected, bingo you are doing fine. Hopefully you should not need any kind of regulator as the battery will smooth out the ripple. You can regulate the voltage out put by setting the rpm of your drive motor. Be careful or you may blow out a few 12volt units until you get it regulated. I would use a 12 volt light across the battery at night for this and if it brightens only a little with the generator going I would stick with that sitting. Remember the more you load the battery the more the voltage may drop until you have only the battery working and the generator doing very little. So you may need to increase the speed of your generator (in this case an electric motor)as you load your battery. An old skill saw may work fine for makink this generator. I have not tried it but I would start there. DISCLAIMER! I DO NOT GUANRNTEE THE SAFTY OF YOU, YOUR EQUIPMENT OR ANY THING ELSE. I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBALE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, PERSONS, OR ANYTHING OR ANYONE ELSE. THIS INFORMATION IS GIVEN AS EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL ONLY. If you do this experiment do it at your own risk, and have a gread day,Chief

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