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Mercury or Yamaha

I will be buying a Key Largo Model 160 in a few weeks. Its 16' and about 900lb. hull weight. I am new to boating and the dealer I'm getting it from is a Mercury dealer also. So he is all for those motors. He also has Yamaha's to. All my boating friends say to get a Yamaha, but the dealer said if I want to keep the boat long term for me to go with Mercury because they are more powerful and cheaper to repair then Yamaha? The boat comes with a 50hp engine the max the boat is recommended for is 75hp. All I can afford is the 50hp. But I am unsure on which one to buy, I will be using it offshore so I need to know which one will hold up to saltwater the best. The motors are both 2003 models. Thanks, hope you can help

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