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1995 Volvo Penta Ford 351 Fuel Injected Engine Problem

Having problem with engine running -- it idles OK but when putting the trottle forward in neutral the engine wavers between 1000-1500 rpm & wants to or will stall. Assuming this is a gas or fuel injection problem. Changed spin on fuel filter, traded low volume fuel pumps between my twin engines and even replaced fuel line to bypass flowmaster fuel meter gauge to no avail. This problem surfaced last fall. Let boat sit all winter and on 1st outing this year, the stalling was temporarily gone but came back after an hour of cruising or so. After stalling, the engine will start but stalls immediately again like its out of gas. Whatever the problem is it seems to be solid now. Any good ideas out there before I have to throw in the towel & let the marina mechanics dip into the old check book?

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Topic - 1995 Volvo Penta Ford 351 Fuel Injected Engine Problem - Morgan 20:39:47 08/03/02 (0)

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