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Outboard alternators & simple electrical systems

We recently have upgraded our Nissan 8 HP outboard with the factory alternator option, for use with our 1983 fiberglass Thunderbird (26' Sloop).

Unfortunately, not much info is available on the Web regarding these types of simple electrical systems, and no one at the local marine or outboard shop seems to know either.

Our plan is to use the alternator to recharge our single 80 amp-hr AGM house battery. There is no cranking battery, since the motor is a manual-start type. There is also no shore-power battery charging system.

Our predicted daily electrical usage, during a cruise, is about 16-18 amp-hours/24 hr period.
The system consists of 30W of cabin lights, 2 instruments, a VHF radio, 3 basic running and an anchor light.

The alternator output is 80W/hr or about 6.66 amps.

Our questions are:
-Does one hook the alternator directly to the battery, in this simple system? Or
Do we need a "smart" voltage regulator/device between the alternator and the battery to avoid over charging?

-What other issues must be considered when putting together a simple system together like this.

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