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Bluewater 25 - Tradewind Atoll

Regards the discussion below, for all the Bluewater 25 / Tradewind Atoll fans out there if you are in Europe during the first 2 weeks in September try to get to the HISWA - the Dutch national boat show. The Dutch builder of the Tradewind Atoll (aka Bluewater 25) is Austin Lion and runs Lion Classic Boats of Holland. He will have a display boat at the show. If you are in Holland also try and get down to his workshops in Walsoorden in Zeeland in south-western Holland near Vlissingen (Flushing)

These boats, built by Austin and his team, are beautifully made proper yachts. I had the pleasure of visiting Austin in July and inspected 3 examples of the Tradewind Atoll, one completed and 2 under construction - in a word superb. If you don't want the hassle of a 30+ footer but would like the internal space in a package that is suitable for transoceanic voyaging and looks beautiful - check these out. For more info go to his website www.lionclassicboats.com -
regards Scott T

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