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Other Important Stuff…& Radar Reflector Dimensions...

Hi Nobby,

Sad to hear of your new found condition… GLAD to hear of your decision to attempt a Northbound Sailing Adventure! There really is nothing like taking charge of a small sailing ‘ship’ and heading out over water honing your senses to the tune of mother nature. You eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired, all the time freeing your soul and spirit from land bound habits, tasks, and conventions.

Highly recommend a book by Bernard Moitessier (yes French, born and raised in Indochina and gaining the greater part of his sailing knowledge in the Gulf of Siam) called “A Sea Vagabond’s World”. Here is some of the best practical tips on sailing, anchoring, observing weather, navigation and--on the water--philosophy in print (IMHO). From his chapter “On sailing solo” “…Once the coast disappears astern, a man alone before his creator can’t remain apart from the natural forces around him. His body and mind, freed from earthly bondage and attachments, can find their essence and purity in the heart of those elements in nature that the ancients made into gods. Wind, Sun, and Sea, the sailor’s divine Trinity.”

Nobby, do keep a journal and take pictures. If you wish, send a story to us here at SmallBoatForum and we will post it on the Small Boat Adventures page!

From this anchorage to yours--all the best.

Oh, do keep posting from time to time. Would very much like to hear more about your 17 foot grp sailing vessel. What design is she? What modifications, improvements, and changes have you made?

On the Radar Reflector. Radar is broadcast in the gigahertz bandwidth—very small waves—right up there with your microwave oven. Really all you need is a corner reflector to bounce the wave back. Heavy aluminum foil on a multi corner form about a foot in diameter will do the trick if high in the mast. Bernard Moitessier felt that a very powerful spot light, shining on the bearing down vessels bridge, did a better job in most situations...Even in daylight.

Thom V

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