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Small Boat to Carry 10 Passangers...?

We get mail... An Email was recently received from a person doing a college project seeking the answers to these questions: How much horsepower is needed to power a small boat carrying ten passengers, and, some information on the engine that would power this boat...???

Well, just about anyone answering these rather general questions could come up with some craft/engine combination that could do ‘the deed’ -- so here is our off the shelf comments...

Below is a link to Mosquito Enterprises and their superb double ended whale boat type hull taken from a 1945 U.S. Coast Guard Motor Surf Boat. The stats: 26’ LOA, 8’ Beam with a 2.6’ Draft, powered by steam, and she can carry 14 passengers! The steam engine is 3 horsepower, turning a big propeller at about 300 RPM. Now one could probably substitute a small large torque diesel such as the Sabb 18hp to 30 hp and get much the same push — but not the same wonderful steam engine effect - and just yanking on the steam whistle lanyard is worth the whole ride!

Sure would be a nice way to take the ‘harbor tour’ in a vessel with this kind of character and feel. Anybody else have a suggestion…?

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