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John Boat Modifications for 12'?

Hi All. I have a question for you expert boat builders out there. I recently acquired a 12' x 36" jon boat. I love all the conversions done to make them into bassboats. However, due to the smaller size of the boat, the lack of space for a trailer, and concerned weight, many of these modifications just dont suit my need.

I would like to do the following, Remove the seats from the boat, install aluminum angle iron on the inside walls, and frame the inside of the boat for stability. Then i want to make a removable, marine carpeted collapsable decking system. Perhaps three 4' x 3' foldable pieces based on a hinge. There will be no outboard motor, just a trolling motor. On this deck i want to put the mounts for the seats etc. Where i fish, there are no waves, therefore i feel as though the decking does not need to be mounted, only placed on the angle iron supports.

My goal is to keep the boat as lightweight as possible. The boat only weighs about 100lbs as is, and will be mounted on the roof of my truck during transportation. The decking, after folded, can be stored inside the truck as well.

Does anyone know of any critical flaws to the idea, or perhaps have some experience with this idea?

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