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Newbie Questions

Hello all. I am sort of new around here. Been reading for a while and have a few questions please.
I am going to make an attempt at a Chaimberlain Gunning Dory as per J. Gardners Building Classic Small Craft.I would like to start it over the winter and hopefully finish in a year or so. However, my only location option is going to have to be outside. I could erect a temporary shelter of some sort to work under and provide some protection from the elements other than the cold. Will it hurt the wood, including plywood, being kept outside in very cold temps? Will it cause the wood to absorb any ambient moisture from the air? Let there be no doubt that I am a novice, I have read through J Gardners book and have seen no mention of any type of sealer being applied to the wood such as epoxy. I am talking mainly about all of the lumber parts as opposed to the plywood parts.Basically, I guess I am wondering about the potential pitfalls of build outside with what seems to be unsealed wood. I am sure I will be going through several season changes before completion.
Are there any dory builders out there willing to advise and or inspire?
Thanks for your answers.

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