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Seattle Boat Show Report on SBF Boat Adventure page...

The report has a few small boat highlights as observed at the Seattle Boat Show January 2002.

One thing not in the report... There was a booth staffed by a couple of German fellows. They were demonstrating a single part industrial adhesive that came in a small plastic bottle with a 'tall nose' called Pasco Fix. This product worked in seconds and the go together on wood, glass, aluminum was like a weld--could not break apart the glue line on the repair of a rubber "o" ring! There is a companion product that appears to be like fine crystals called Pasco-Fix. One can repair a small hole in just about anything. The crystals are poured into the hole, careful to place a sheet of paper on other side so crystals won't fall through, drip a smidge of Pasco Fix and the reaction takes place in seconds--hard as a rock. It seems that the combination of Pasco-Fix and Pasco-Fill could be used in setting up plywood panel joints for small boat building. One could wire tie the panels into place--but use less ties--place the Pasco-Fill Pasco-Fix combo BETWEEN the wire ties. Then remove the wire ties and lay in the epoxy fillet on the joint and not have the hassle of the wire tie removal AFTER the epoxy fillet. The Paso-Fill web site: www.pascofix.nwy.at

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