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__________Here is Falk's post above dated 11/24/03 repeated:

"Thanks a lot for showing me your boat, it's really full of interesting features. Pushing the point of gravity down by lowering the seat-height makes me wonder if it is not getting too uncomfortable, concerning the angle your knees have to bend? on the other hand i guess it makes you feel safer and cozier to sit deep inside the hull.
I sure like the seat-arrangement you built in the back with that combination of motor and driverseat in one block , if i got that right? Is the space right and left from that enough to sleep there?

I thought about some folding systems to provide more variabillity to the interior.
I know I repeat myself but because i have no long time experiences with moving parts in that surrounding, I wonder if it is longlasting enough for water and so? Especially with rails in the sides of the inner hull to mount and move things on across the boat.
Maybe you can tell me if from your experiences something like that might work in everyday-use or rather not?"

______ Answer:

Hi Falk,

We place 2 Sport-a-Seat on the forward seat bench. This gives about 12" of rise and have had no complaints about the position of knees. Yes, being down in the boat on this forward bench seat gives much confidence when zooming along at near 40 mph...

Yes, as stated on the previous post, one can sleep to either side of the center 'box'. We would rather sleep on the beach in our tent as the skiff can have a bit of abupt motion from wind, wake action, etc. due to it's small size and lack of any dampening.

Falk to design some sort of moving seating, sleeping arrangement for an open small boat...??? By all means give it a go and design what you think might work! Remember the adage from the boat designer Pete Culler: "Experience starts when you begin"

Thom V

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