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First time boat owner: couple of questions

I have a Thundercraft F14? Sprint, with a Merc 350 (35H.P.).
I've been trying to get information on-line about this boat / motor, but can't seem to find it...
I was wondering if anyone here might know some good links or leads I could follow up??
Any and all information is greatly appriciated!!

The boat was given to me, it is about 15 feet long, has 4 seets, and was born with a 50HP merc? It came with a great trailer. I have never had one on the water, so I'm desperately looking forward to it!!
I checked the compression yesterday, it is 130(top plug) 135(bottom plug). I also checked the ?gearbox? at the prop... there was a little water inside (1/4 cup, maybe), then just oil ran out.
The boat has sat for a couple of years, in someones backyard.

Any tips would be great!! I don't want to miss anything and cook it... I know about the 'water muffs' now when I start it out of water. I think that's about it...

Thanks again!!
Dave H.

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