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The Boston Whaler Reputation...?!!!

Hello Ron,

Thought a Whaler Person might 'jump in' here and give you an opine... It's OK to 'lurk and learn' out there in web land, but to add your voice to this Forum is BETTER!

Ron, the Boston Whaler 'reputation' has been building since 1958 and borders on near fanatical... The first Whalers were sparsely appointed, indestructible , with a wet hard ride. The Whalers built today have a different hull configuration (softer ride?), have grown heavier for their already robust weight, and, have gained a myraid of built in features--not a bad 'thang'.

Go to : http://continuouswave.com/whaler Here there is a huge web site with both the 'classic' Boston Whaler and their modern kin. This may not be totally helpful for independant thinking on Boston Whalers as this site is devoted to Whaler believers, however, there is lots of information avaiable to help you form you own opinion...

Thom V

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