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Main Sheet layout and Used sail selection for a 23 foot sailboat


I have a Kells 23 w/ a shoal keel. Hopefully these questions will apply to most 22-24' basic cruisers. How is your main gear laid out? I have two blocks each with a jamcleat and a pulley on a swivel that are attached to the aft corners of the cabintop. They lead to a two pulley block that hangs from about the middle of the bottom of the boom, and those lines act as both my vang and main sheet, depending on what tack I am on. I'm wondering if you have it laid out differently, and how it is done, as I really don't like the setup.

Also, my sails are very old (25 years). I found a couple sail sites, and found my dimensions were I=vert, front of mast = 23', J=horiz, mast to forestay = 9', P= vert, boom to top of mast, E = boom length = 10'. I'm not exactly sure what to do with these dimensions, as well as how to determine what other boats' sails would be compatible to my boat. Sorry for the info dump, it's the end of the day at work and I'm on my way out to the mooring, I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Here are pictures of it: Any ideas of how easy it would be to change the main layout?


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