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is it safe to buy a used boat?

Im very interested in buying a boat. I have never bought one before but I live in florida on the water so im very farmiliar with boats. i know that they break alot.. or so ive heard.. and ive heard they are like money pitts sometimes. i am a college student with not alot of money to blow if a boat i buy breaks. i have about $5,000 cash to spend to buy a boat.. I have found many nice used little ski boats for this price and waverunners and stuff, but im worried that since theyre used something might go wrong.. i always buy used cars without hesitation.. but do used boats break more often? is it much safer to buy a new boat than a used boat or is it about the same risk as a car? i am trying to figure out wether to just spend a little money on a used boat, or wait a while and just buy a new boat when i have the money. any advice would be helpful, thanks alot

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Topic - is it safe to buy a used boat? - sarah 12:12:21 06/10/02 (3)

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