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Boat Parade Pennants...

In each boating community, to mark the beginning of the boating season, comes the Spring Boat Parade! Here in the upper left hand corner of the United States, we have ‘Opening Day’. Now to muster a statement, an actual readable statement, - without the usual signboard - one flies the Pennant Flags. Yes, the annual ritual of figuring out how to ‘hang the string’ that will carry the Pennant Flags and say to the Boating World “H – E – L - L – O” or “EM – EYE – SEE - KAY – EE – WHY – EM – OH – YOU – ES – EE” or the fine vessel “W - I -D – E – A – W - A – K – E ” is only a string of flags away. So, barring or following Marine Etiquette, you now know what each individual pennant (flag) stands for, and, can have the fun of 'flying' your statement on this special boating day!!!

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