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Cavitation Plate Planing Wedges...

Hello ETS,

Many years ago when I was young--in my youth--we lived on the Connecticut shore on Long Island Sound. My dad had a beautiful planked semi-dory, about 16ft long with rounded plank sides, narrow flat bottom, square stern and a short high rounded bow deck. The rest of the vessel was open cockpit with a wide stern thwart and 2 rowing stations forward. This dory was painted gloss white on the inside and out with the gunnels, deck top and thwarts, a deep ‘camp green’. It was powered by a 10hp Johnson Sea Horse outboard (the green one) and it went along quite well on a plane with one person aboard. As you added a second person, we could still plane but at a slower speed, and by the time a third passenger took his seat the boat could not obtain a plane. We boys pitched in a bought a Dole Fin planing wedge and it took a bit of convincing, but my dad attached it to the cavitation plate of the Johnson. Now I’m not sure that our top speed with one person aboard increased by any amount, but with us three boys aboard, the dory planed with a top speed estimated at 16 mph… Well, we thought we were ‘on fire’ on our way to the fishing grounds!

The Cobra Edge Stabilizer seems to be based on the same principle as the Dole Fin. However, it appears smaller in size and to have a bit thicker trailing edge which should help to get the bow down sooner as one ads the power. It also mounts to the bottom of the cavitation (really the anti-cavitation plate) which should reduce stress to the lower unit.

If you can get your Dad to install this unit please come back and give a report here on the SmallBoatForum. We would like to hear your opinion as to the changes it made to the handling characteristics on your boat… Anybody else have some experience with adding cavation plate wedges?

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