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new to boats, need help w/defining an older boat

hey guys, i can really use some help with something.

in the car world, the general rule-of-thumb/industry standard for an older car is one that as over 75k miles. it is usually at that point where the car-owner has to start worrying a little about the car and start treating it better. for example, putting motor oil that is designed for high miles and etc.

now in the boating world, what would u define as "older" boat? where you have to start treating it better? i've heard that age is a factor (boats over 20 years old). i've also heard hours. but how many hours will it need to be to deem a boat "older?"

so now let's say that i'm selling transmission fluid or something for older cars i would say:
"for cars with over 75 k miles"

what would i say for boats? "for boats with _____"

thanks for any advice that you can give me. i really appreciate it.

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