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Boston Whaler as a Tender...?

Hi Boston Bob,

Yes, the 1st Whalers were low sided with straight sheers. Some had a raised metal handrail along the gunnels (an option?) that gave one something to hang onto while your knees were near your chin… Not sure what year, but as the Whaler line grew in models they gained more ‘body’—hull depth and some curve to the sheer. Today’s Whalers are a different breed all together, both in hull shape and style, while retaining the basic ‘out in the open’ look.

As to the 9.9 or 15hp the Whaler probably won’t know the difference… These boats are heavy and most 15hp. are tweaked 9.9 motors anyway. The difference is in the last twist of the throttle when the tuned exhaust and the slightly larger carburetor add the last 5 hp. So, though not recommended to add more horsepower beyond the manufactures recommendation (Safety First!), if care is used the 15hp should work OK.

Personally, a tender to a lager boat should have different attributes than a quick zip to the shore. When one arrives at the anchorage getting into a small boat is where the real fun begins! I like a little craft that has a certain ‘balance’—that gives a feel for being on the water. One that can row well and maybe have a small sail for that down wind ride back to the ‘mother’ vessel. It’s all a matter of personal preference--dinghies and tenders make up a whole genre of small craft. Anybody got some ideas on their favorite tender?

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