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Is it the charger or the batteries that are failing??

I went to hook up my 2 deep cycle 12volt marine batteries to my 24 volt transom mounted motor, just like I have 5 or so times this Summer, but the motor wouldn't turn. The batteries had been hooked up to an automatic charger (from Bass Pro Shops) for about a week, so they should've been charged. However -- nothing. No power from the batteries. (The charger was set properly for automatic charging of deep cycle batteries, and it has a trickle charge feature, too.)

The batteries (Sears) and charger were purchased new this Spring (2004).

I've now tried this twice with the same results -- no charge, or only a 10 second charge, from the batteries to the motor.

How do I test to see if the charger is bad, or how do I test to see if the batteries are bad and can't hold a charge? One way, I guess, would be to buy a new charger and hook it up to the batteries and see what happens. Or, I can buy 2 new batteries and hook them up to the original charger and see what happens.

Any thoughts??? If so, please email me at SkoConsult@aol.com, ro respond here, or both....

Thanks in advance.

Marty S.
Baltimore, MD

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Topic - Is it the charger or the batteries that are failing?? - Marty S. 21:15:00 09/07/04 (2)

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