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Re: 12' aluminum V-hull Questions

Manuel, around here, a boat like that could go for as little as $500. But then, a lot depends on that tired old motor. My guess is it (the motor) won't be worth the trouble. But the boat should be fine.

I don't know the cost of used boats in New Mexico but...

If you've got $1100 to spend, you could buy a new 3.5 horse motor for $600 or $700 or so, and put it on any old cartoppable boat you find for a couple hundred and probably be much happier. Or offer $500 for the boat and trailer you mention, and get a new motor. 6 or 8 hp would be enough to make it plane with a couple adults aboard. Otherwise, the aforementioned 3.5 hp would be ample for slower going.

If it were me, I wouldn't pay anything near $1100 for that setup unless I knew the motor was running well, and I was sure I didn't mind the noise and stink of an old 2-stroke. Even if it is running well, when the motor conks on you, (which it will do), you'll be amazed how much it costs to fix!

As far as standing up to the wind, you can't compare that skiff to anything other than other boats of similar size. And small boats belong in sheltered waters, near shore. A 12' skiff can be a little dicey in bad weather, but I wouldn't be too concerned about it. If you get nervous, get off the water!

That said, I've seen people fishing for salmon on the Columbia bar out of aluminum skiffs like the one you mention. The bar is famous for dangerous waves and harsh weather. And people drown out there for their recklessness. For what it's worth.

Finally, don't buy a new boat, unless you've got extra money and nothing to do with it. That aluminum skiff is just the ticket, even if you pay a little more than it is "worth." It won't rust, because it is aluminum. It will probably still be seaworthy after you and I are dead.

Oh, and check the tires and bearings of that trailer before you haul it home. If the tires are all cracked, they need to be replaced. If the wheel "wobbles" on the axle when you give it a good two-handed shake, it needs new bearings. Easier to fix these things before the wheels fall off out on I-10!

Good luck! Happy (and safe) boating!

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