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40' Flying Proa

Many months ago a fellow from Vancouver WA phoned and asked if the SBF 'library' had any information on a Flying Proa... Yesterday I managed to scout the dern thing and here it is for all to view. Apparently one may have been built about 1972 perhaps around Goleta CA. This version was designed to be built of plywood with a flush deck and standing wells rather the original open canoe style. Length is 40' 4", with the main hull beam 2' 6". Width overall is 14' and the sail area is 333 Sq. Ft. This design is as exactly measured in the Ladrone Islands by Admiralty draftsman in the latter part of the 18th century. The British clocked this vessel at 20 knots!

"The Proa is sailed with the out-rigger always to windward. To reverse direction, the yard is unstepped and relocated at the opposite end of the hull, the bow becoming the stern. The set up allows the hull to be asymmetrical (flattened on the leeward side, see above) and provides a horizontal lift component which effetively eliminates leeway. The sail is designed as to swing upward when filled and provides a righting rather than capising moment" As quoted from "46 Boat Designs from The National Fisherman" circa 1972.

Don't know where one might find plans for this Proa, but it was drawn up by John Borg Lueschen of No. 7 Marine Center, Santa Barbara CA.

Anyone have any experince with Proa's of any size? Sure seems to be a fast, exhilarating way to travel on water...!

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