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TINY Tanaka Air Cooled Outboard?

Anyone have any experience with these?

I've got one. It's a 2 cycle outboard roughtly the size of a chainsaw motor and claims about 3.5hp. Very light, simple etc. for a tiny craft needing basic propulsion (supposedly).

Problem is, mine doesn't push my small sailboat at all. The prop spins furiously and churns up the water while the engine whines loudly (like a chainsaw). It runs good and the prop spins (good shear pin etc) but I'm talking no movement here... I can even hold the motor in my hands, submerge it running and feel no thrust against my arms (don't try this at home!).

Are these little things a joke or is there something weird about mine... I'm curious if anybody else has had any experience with these and if they can actually push a boat?

Their website is below.


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