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Sucher's Modified Sampan Launch...

Harry V. Sucher wrote a couple of books in the 70's one was "Simplified Boatbuilding: The 'V' Bottom Boat" (1974). On page 274 is an illustration of an example of a Sampan Launch that Harry designed. The note of interest here is that plywood was used as the hull planking and he devised away to fit irregular panels in the bow to get a sharp bouyant shape (see drawing, upper right, port bow). Then the hull was covered with fiberglass. This design was 26' LOA with a sheer beam of about 8 feet. Harry said that with a 230 cu. in. six-cylinder engine, a 1:5-1 reduction gear and a 17" diameter propeller she could top out at about 21 knots. Note also the flat keel batten or 'planing board' to which the built down keel is attached and also becomes the garboard for the side planking...

Harry said that "about 200 have been built to date". Does anybody know of one in their harbor (backyard, barn or bushes)? Anybody remember a father, brother or uncle that may have built this boat? Does anyone remember riding in this boat? Anyone have a 'dog eared' set of original plans?

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