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Welcome to the Community of Small Boats.....

Here is an open, interactive Forum provided by the SmallBoatForum.com web site. Please note that all Original Postings are in 'reverse order' i.e. the last Original Post is at the Top of your Screen. To create an Original Post go the bottom of the Forum Screen (page back) and work with the light blue 'Post A Message!' tool box. By clicking on a Post you will enter another screen to read that post. If you wish to answer the Post you have read, go to the bottom of the screen and work with the 'Post a Message!' tool box. You may enter your E-Mail Addres and click the box E-Mail Replies and you will be notified when someone replies to you Post. Finished? click 'Submit your Post'. When back to the Forum Page hit the Refresh Icon at the top of your screen, in the Brouser Tool Bar, and your Post will enter the 'stream'. This Forum allows you to 'lurk and learn' but really, boaters, we would like all who enter to participate...!!! Please follow the Content Rules (above link) and ENJOY!!!

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