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Outboard Motor Issues

I bought my Kells 23 with a 15HP evinrude OB motor (obviously alot more than I need). I don't know the exact weight, but I know the boat is heavier than your average 23 footer. Anyway, the motor has shit the bed, back to that later. More immediately, I have a 2HP motor for my dinghy, and I need to know what you guys think about moving my boat with that small of a motor.

Will it work? Will I kill the motor in the short term? Will I float directly into another boat? I only need it to get less than 100yds from where I'm moored.

The 15HP evinrude OB, which is about 25 yrs old, worked fine last week. It starts up fine in neutral, and sounds fine going into gear. The problem is the boat moves less than 5yds a minute, no matter how much it's reved. There is no discernable difference between how it sounds/starts up now compared to then. I have not checked the rotor, I'm swimming under today to check it out while it's still in the water...Hopefully there's just fishin' line or something twisted around it...but if not, what could be the culprit?

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