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Re: Gel Cell batteries for a small electric outboard engine...

Hi Bill,

Your new 'splash page' looks great combining the 3 sites---makes it much easier to get around!

On the 'battery thang': Look at the Sonnenschein Gel Cell Battery people below. I have had extensive experience with this product. This battery technology was developed during WWII, I believe, by the Germans to lower gassing and gain underwater time in their U-boats... I have both their batteries and charger for a nifty 6 volt spot light and to power a camper at a recreation site in the woods. Anyway, they have some small gel cell types--for model work--that may be adaptable to your idea of the battery in the head unit of an electric outboard engine. Do you think Minn Kota would sell you a 'shell'? How about finding a broken Minn Kota, pulling out the guts and adding back the gel cell battery with the controller in the head, and your friends efficient DC motor at the base... I know of no other small battery technology that would have a chance at enough amps to torque a propeller in water. Also, this Gel Cell Battery technology has a different 'specific gravity' and the at rest voltage is about 13.4, much higher than lead acid technology of 12.7, giving more amps and more power for a longer use time.
Thom V

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