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short shaft

Posted on August 13, 2006 at 08:11:40

i recently bought a short shaft 25 hsp. 4 stroke for my 13`9 del quay dory(boston whaler),s transom was 17 inches,so i had to go with the short shaft.the boat is a very wet boat, i,ve worked on this problem constantly, and i,m ready to retire the problem is all
the boats i,m looking at (princecraft,starcraft,mirrocraft,ect.)all are 20 inch transoms.the only 15 inch transoms either cant take a 25,
or are too basic ,no casing platforms,rod lockers,seat bases ,ect.
my question is can 20 inch aluminum transom be cut to accommodate a short shaft,and if so what consiequence,s can i expect .the 25 is a tiller steer.


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