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1969 Evinrude 18hp fastwin parts

Posted on February 20, 2006 at 15:52:35
Hey folks,

I recently purchased a boat that came with an Evinrude 18hp outboard. 1969 model. The "shift lever" (I believe it is called) is broken. Located on the starboard side of the outboard just below the bottom edge of the engine cover. This is the part that accepts the cable linkage to the shifter at the drivers seat. Is that a part I can find?? E-bay has one but it is for a '58 year model. Will it work??

Also, what service recommendations can you suggest for the motor before I fire it up for the first time?? I'm more concerned about the lower end, as the engine itself has been recently serviced. I know very little about outboards themselves and would be able to figure most everything out in time, any other advice you could cough up would be great.

Thanks for your help

Emerald 14


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