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Barolo tasting...

Posted on February 24, 2017 at 08:26:03

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December 28, 2003
...barolo is the Italian equivalent of France's bordeaux or California's cabernet sauvignon. It is lighter than either of those, made from the nebbiolo grape, but is as complex and usually has enough tannins to support a decade or longer cellar aging.

Six of us blind tasted six wines. Low score wins.

6. 2010 Pedere Ruggeri Corsini $50 - 32pts

5. 2011 Girabaldi $40 - 25pts

4. 2011 Bovio Gattera $55 - 23pts

3. 2011 Mauro Vegio Arborium $53 - 17pts - one first

2. 2011 Damilano $45 - 16pts - 3 firsts

1. 2011 Preda $39 (Costco) - 14pts - 2 firsts

These wines changed a lot during the tasting and some that were good got worse and as the tannins softened, the not so good ones got better. They are best with food.

I would recommend any of the top 3 but the bargain is the the #1.


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