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Went wine tasting in Sonoma yesterday...

Posted on June 5, 2016 at 12:03:15

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December 28, 2003 the Dry Creek area to celebrate a friend's birthday - we made 3 stops.
Zachichi - owned by the former orthopedic surgeon for the NO Saints who retired after Hurricane Katrina and brought his family here to property he owned. They make a cab, a couple of zins and a petit syrah, all very good. They do barrel tastings and offer futures of these wines at a 20% discount.

Trattore (pictured) - a spectacular new winery opened last Oct. atop a hillside across Dry Creek with amazing views of the valley. They specialize in a really good viognier and a terrific cabernet ($75). Others include a nice grenache, a pinot noir and a red blend.

Mazzoco - down Lytton Springs road, they specialize in zinfandels and make about 24 different ones, from blends to single vinyards. Some are very jammy and others spicier. My favorite was the West Dry Creek which was pretty balanced between the two.


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