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Looking to put a Good System in a '98 Forester

Posted on February 24, 2011 at 23:17:26
I just bought a 1998 Forester S. The original owner opted to spend $300 on a Sony CD Player rather than $1800 on the premium sound system with CD changer. Bad choice. Whoever installed it didn't even hook up the factory tweeters. The result is flat and lifeless sound that distorts at any volume above low.

Moving forward, I want to get the best possible system put in. I want to avoid a "box" if at all possible, but might not be opposed to a small sub as long as it does not reside in my cargo area. I listen to rock, alternative, and a very small amount of R&B. No cRap. I want a solid bass response, but have no interest in "Boom, Boom, Boom" type bass. I have noticed that many after market car stereo setups are clearer than the stock setups that they replaced, but seem to lack the power, presence and air moving bass response of some of the better stock stereos.The Volvo S70 6 speaker premium sound system comes to mind.

What are my options? Does anyone with a Forester have a system like I'm describing? What did it take to get there?


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