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Need comments from Inmates with Subaru Outback knowledge

Posted on June 17, 2009 at 05:06:22

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I this is a long shot, but I am about to acquire a 2004 Subaru Outback Limited LL Bean edition wagon. This model is equiped with the factor head unit (a six-CD in-dash changer), nine-speakers, including a subwoofer with amp. I haven't heard the system yet, but I commute by car, and reasonably good sound is important to me, but my budget is limited.

I am trading in my 1998 Outback with stock audio system (except for dynamat I had installed in the doors and roof). It's pretty poor, and it was a much noisier car than the 2004 (which has a quieter 6-cylinder engine and better sound insulation, relatively speaking).

Has anyone had a 2004 (or similar year) with this audio system? If so, what do/did you like or dislike about it? If you made any changes or upgrades, what did you do, and what were the results?

I will be googling Subi owners forums, but, let's face it - most car buyers either don't care much about audio quality or only want rattle people's windows as they drive by. I am looking for clean, smooth, undistorted sound with, hopefully, a hint of a soundstage. I know it will never be like listening at home, but I spend more time commuting than I do listening to the big rig at home.

Thanks in advance!


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